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Eyebeam Computational Fashion Book Out Now
Posted by Bradley Rothenberg 01-09-15
from Eyebeam:

The first Computational Fashion book is now available! Buy it on Amazon for just $16 ordownload a free PDF.

Computational Fashion: Topics in Fashion and Wearable Technology is a survey of issues explored during Eyebeam’s Computational Fashion events in 2012-14. The book features excerpts from panel discussions and presentations covering 3D printed fashion, smart textiles, energy harvesting, intellectual property, and other issues impacting designers and entrepreneurs in this emerging field.

Edited by Paul Amitai & Sabine Seymour


Duann Scott, Shapeways

Joris Debo, Materialise

Bradley Rothenberg & Gabi Asfour, threeASFOUR

Bryce Beamer, Adidas

Becky Stern, Adafruit Industries

Genevieve Dion, Drexel University

Juan Hinestroza, Cornell University

Ariele Elia, The Museum at FIT

Titania Inglis, fashion designer

Jamal Motlagh, Acustom Apparel

Dan Steingart, Princeton University

John Kymissis, Columbia University

Amanda Parkes, Skinteractive Studio

Jonathan Askin, Brooklyn Law School

Nigel Howard, Covington & Burling

Sarah Scaturro, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Liz Bacelar, Decoded Fashion

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