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Geometry & Material Performance
Posted by Bradley Rothenberg 01-27-15

In a recent issue of the 

Journal of Applied Physics
, A. Y. Vorobyev & Chunlei Guo show how material performance is a result of geometry in making a metal surface hydrophobic by etching nano-meter sized grooves into it. In addition to the surface being hydrophobic, these grooves also trap light, such that the metal now appears to be a very matte black(similar to Epner’s Laser Black coating). In their introduction, they reference a lotus leaf & butterfly wing, which both use micro-grooves to effect material properties & optical properties in the case of the butterfly wing. In this study, the Authors use a laser cutter to etch grooves into metal, a subtractive process. MORE…






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Eyebeam Computational Fashion Book Out Now
Posted by Bradley Rothenberg 01-09-15

Computational Fashion, published by

Eyebeam,  is now available — You can download it for free here:

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Featured today on Adobe’s Blog:
Posted by Bradley Rothenberg 08-06-14

New 3D printing features and enhancements in Photoshop CC ⟹03:29 pm No comments

Posted by Bradley Rothenberg 07-25-14

It’s come up a lot in the last few weeks, & in the workshop I am teaching now, w/

Eyebeam, Shapeways,  Casey Rehm, & Lisa Kori, & others: What role can code have in the fashion industry?

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